Design Optimization of the Rigid Drive Disc of Clutch



Technical Report from the year 2014 in the subject Engineering – Automotive Engineering, , language: English, abstract: The new direction of development of the automotive vehicle ride comfort and driving smoothness is associated with the advancement of the machine parts design, e.g., torsional dampers on friction clutch are considered as essential parts to maintain engine torque peaks as well as operational irregularities and reduce them in a way that is consistent with the comfort and robustness purposes. In this research, a numerical technique is used to simulate new models for rigid disc drive of friction clutch. Shape optimizations of the proposed models are performed to improve the dynamic characteristics of the system and hence the absorption of shocks that occur during clutch engagement. The finite element method has been used to compute the stresses and deformations during the steady-state period, and the vibration characteristics of the rigid disc drives of clutch.

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